Important and actual contents

Important and actual contents


Information on monkeypox

Since early May 2022, “monkeypox” virus (MPX) infections have been recorded around the world. The disease is transmitted through close contact. In most cases, it heals without problems. In some cases, however, complications can arise.



Information for Ukrainians
Where can refugees from Ukraine with HIV and/or hepatitis get information and help? Where can people in opioid substitution therapy (OST) programmes get help?  More ...

Інформація для тих, хто прибув з України
Де біженці з України, які мають ВІЛ та/або гепатит, можуть отримати інформацію та допомогу? Куди звертатися людям, які отримують опіоїдну замісну терапію (ОЗТ)? Більше ..

Информация для тех, кто прибыл из Украины
Где могут получить необходимую информацию и помощь беженцы из Украины, живущие с ВИЧ и/или гепатитом? Куда могут обратиться за помощью те, кто проходит опиоидную заместительную терапию (ОЗТ)? Более ..

Safer sex rules

Safer Sex

With two simple rules you protect yourself effectively against HIV:

  1. Use a condom for vaginal and anal sex. 
  2. For recommendations based on your personal sexuality, try our Safer Sex Check.


I had unprotected sex. Should I get myself tested?

This depends on the risk situation.
More information:

Help now!

LGBTQ Emergency Fund for Ukraine

Queer refugees and queer people in Ukraine are especially endangered and need our support. With you donation to the LGBTQ Emergency Fund for Ukraine we can help them.


Sex Health Survey 2022

Take part in the big survey on HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs)! Your answers will help to better inform people about protection against HIV and other STIs and improve prevention. For more information and the opportunity to take part, please visit www.sexhealth.ch