Our prevention programmes

The Swiss AIDS Federation focuses its prevention activities on programmes aimed at specific target groups. We aim to reach people where they live, love and work.

New social trends and stimuli are absorbed into these programmes to appeal to people in their own particular environments. It is an ongoing and ever-challenging task.

Men Who Have Sex With Men (MSM)

The "MSM" programme is committed to supporting men and their partners. It promotes good sexual health among men who have sex with men, provides a wide range of information materials, maintains an advisory tool, drgay.ch, and launches annual campaigns for gay men.

Florian Vock, Programme Manager Men who have sex with men,

People living with HIV

Picture of the campaign 2018

The "People living with HIV" programme is committed to supporting people living with HIV, their partners, families and friends. It offers information, support for people living with HIV and emergency financial aid, in addition to raising public awareness and fighting discrimination. It also provides people with HIV free legal advice.

Nathan Schocher, Programme Manager People living with HIV, E-Mail



The "Migration" programme is committed to supporting the migrant community in Switzerland. It creates a framework within which the stigma and discrimination affecting migrants with HIV can be discussed and combated, and which helps to reduce HIV transmission rates among the migrant community. get-tested.ch

Sabina Düringer, Programme manager for Migration

Sex Work

The "Sex Work" programme is committed to supporting women and men who work in the sex industry. It promotes sustained, broad-based prevention measures to avoid the transmission of HIV and other sexually-transmitted infections (STIs). The programme also represents sex workers in dealing with the authorities and other organisations, and supports the APiS (AIDS Prevention in the Sex Industry) network.

Sabina Düringer, Programme manager Sex Work,