Disability Insurance

Anyone who is at risk of being unable to work as a result of illness or who becomes wholly or partially unable to work, is entitled to benefits from the disability insurance.

I haven't been able to work for some time, for health reasons. Should I register for disability insurance?

Anyone who is unable to work for longer than 30 days as a result of illness can apply to be considered for early integration in to Switzerland's disability insurance scheme. However this application may also be submitted by a third party – such as a doctor, employer or daily benefits insurer. It may even be made against the will of the employee.

For further information, please visit www.ahv-iv.info.

I've been drawing a disability pension for many years. I've now been told that it will be stopped/reduced. What can I do?

As a first step, the disability insurance office responsible will give notice of the cancellation or reduction of a disability pension in the form of a preliminary decision. You have 30 days to appeal to the disability insurance office against this decision. As part of the appeal, you can explain why your pension should continue to be paid at its existing level. It's helpful if you enclose a current medical report as evidence. The disability insurance office will review its decision again, may undertake further investigations, and will then send out its ruling. An appeal against this ruling may be lodged with the competent social insurance court within 30 days.

Legal representation is not compulsory, but it is helpful. The Swiss AIDS Federation legal information office will represent you free of charge in legal proceedings providing it does not believe the case to be futile, and there is a link to HIV. Please contact the office as soon as you receive the preliminary decision, so that there is enough time for the necessary enquiries.

Comprehensive information and model letters can be found in the "Disability insurance" section of our legal guidebook (Rechtratgeber PDF in German or French).