Discriminated against? Let us know!

Is your dentist refusing to treat you because you're HIV-positive? Is someone you know telling others that you're HIV-positive? You don't have to put up with it.

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Let the Swiss AIDS Federation know if you have experienced injustice, or if someone you know who is HIV-positive has suffered discrimination.

The Swiss AIDS Federation functions as the federal reporting office for discrimination and infringements of privacy related to HIV and AIDS. We rely on reports from you to build a comprehensive picture of discrimination today, to fight it, and to provide the information people need.

Those living with HIV continue to be disadvantaged, and face discrimination in many different areas of their lives. For example, many life insurers still categorically reject applications from HIV-positive individuals. Discriminatory behaviour also remains rife in the world of work. Applications ask for HIV tests and, after an individual has been "outed" as HIV-positive, they are sacked, or their data protection rights are violated.

Don't stay silent – tell us what has happened

Send us the form shown below. It's up to you whether you stay anonymous or give us your contact details.
Alternatively, write to our legal information office at .

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