No risk

In daily situations, there is no risk of getting infected with HIV. HIV is not one of the easily transmittable diseases. Kissing, including French kissing, is not risky, the same goes for caressing and petting. There's practically no risk of HIV from oral sex, either.

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Is it risky to use the same dishes, toothbrushes and razor blades?

No, there is no risk using these things. The same goes for visiting swimming pools and saunas.

Why isn't there any risk of HIV from oral sex?

There is practically no risk of HIV from sucking or licking the penis, vagina or anus, because the oral mucous membrane is very stable, even if sperm or menstrual blood enters the mouth. There have been only a few reported cases world-wide in which someone became infected with HIV this way.

Is a mouth ulcer or a small wound in the mouth a risk?

No. Mouth ulcers or small wounds in the mouth do not pose a risk for HIV transmission.
Saliva has a virus inhibiting function. Excluded from this are sexually transmitted infections such as syphilis, gonorrhea (the clap), chlamydia and herpes.

Does a piercing or a scoring tattoo pose a risk?

No. As far as simple rules of hygiene are observed: wash your hands, disinfect, use disposable needles.

I've been bitten by a mosquito. Can I get infected like that?

HIV is not passed on via mosquitoes, other insects or other animals, such as dogs.

Is a small cut on my finger dangerous when I use my hand to pleasure a woman?

No. The HI virus can not be transmitted through torn cuticles or small cuts on the finger.

Is it possible to become infected through faeces or urine?

No. However the Hepatitis A virus can be found in faeces, but there is a vaccination to protect you.

Is a syringe which has been left lying around dangerous?

No. The HI virus is no longer infectious once it makes contact with the air. Worldwide there have never been any documented cases of transmission of the virus from a syringe left lying around.

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