Holiday and casual sex

You're single, you travel around and fancy a sexual adventure. Or maybe as a couple, you want to cross the boundaries of sex or pay for a sexual encounter. If you would like to return home without a sexually transmitted infection, then stick to these Safer Sex and Travel Rules.

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I had unprotected sex on holiday. I'm worried that I've been infected. What do I do now?

If you show signs of a sexually transmitted infection (STI) after you return home, quickly seek the advice of a doctor or a skin and STI specialist in the infectious diseases field. Keep in mind that not all STIs cause STI-like symptoms. If you've contracted an STI during your holiday, tell your partner immediately – it's the responsible thing to do. If you have caught an infection, only have sex with your partner if you're using condoms. Don't have sex without a condom until you've had a check-up from the doctor. Test centres

What must I do in general before I travel?

Every country has its own entry requirements and necessary vaccinations. Find out and take care of your health and safety.

What should I take into consideration before I travel?

Take contraceptives and enough condoms with you. This means you are well prepared and do not have to worry about buying condoms when you arrive at your destination. Before you travel get advice from a specialist doctor and have your vaccinations. A first-aid kit tailored for your particular destination is a must-have in your luggage.

Casual sex

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What do I need to know if I have an unplanned affair?

It's impossible to know just by looking at someone whether they are HIV-positive or have another STI, so you should always stick to the safer sex rules. Whether man-woman, man-man, a threesome or another combination, condoms offer the best protection against HIV – and unwanted pregnancy – during vaginal and anal sex. Condoms and dental dams offer only limited protection against STIs, however.

Behave responsibly towards yourself and your partners by using protection if being unfaithful.

I think my boyfriend is having an affair. What should I do?

If you suspect that your partner has had an affair, the right thing to do is to discuss it openly. You have the right to know whether your partner is protecting themselves – and therefore you. A couple must decide for themselves how they want to handle an affair or casual sex.

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