Using condoms & femidoms

Condoms and Femidom® offer reliable protection against HIV and provide good protection aigainst other sexually transmitted infections. If condoms split or slip off because they are too large or too small or have been wrongly used, then protection can no longer be guaranteed.

#howtocondom: Which condom is the right one?

The condom split or slipped off. Is this a problem?

Yes, in this way the condom loses its protective qualities. There is a risk of infection with a sexually transmitted disease or HIV. Get advice from your regional Aids centre or your GP. Safer Sex Check.

How can I find out which is the correct sized condom for me?

You must use the correct sized condom, otherwise the likelihood of it ripping or slipping off increases. At (only in German and French) you will find a lot of practical information.

Should I use a lubricant when I use a condom?

The majority of condoms have already been treated with a lubricant. In spite of this there are situations where it is important to use a lubricant – for instance when the woman’s vagina is dry or anal sex is performed. Follow the tips about lubricants!

Can I use oil or cream instead of lubricant?

No, under no circumstances! Lubricants must be water soluble or contain silicone. Oils, body lotions or creams damage the condom and make it permeable. Only use lubricants which you have bought from the store.

I have an allergy to latex. In spite of this, am I still able to use condoms?

Yes, you can use condoms made from polyurethane. Their protection is as reliable as condoms made from latex and they provide a good protection from other sexually transmitted infections.

Can sharp fingernails or teeth damage the condom?

Yes. The damage to the condom can be so small that you don’t notice it.

What must I look out for when buying condoms?

Only use condoms with the Logo on the right side. This guarantees that the condom has passed strict quality and safety requirements and guarantees protection.

Will Femidom protect me as reliably as a condom?

Yes. When used correctly, Femidom, condoms for women, protect from unwanted pregnancy and HIV and offer good protection from other sexually transmitted diseases.

Is Femidom easy to use?

Similar to condoms, some practice is necessary until the Femidom is correctly positioned. It’s important to take time, to read the instructions and to try it out first before using it.

Do I need an additional lubricant for Femidom?

Yes. Smear the inside and outside of the Femidom® with lubricant before every use. Because the Femidom is made of nitrile you may, unlike condoms, use any type of lubricant, oil-based as well, for example a body lotion.

Can I use Femidom together with a condom?

No. Both products could be damaged by the friction.

Can Femidom also be used for anal sex?

The use of the Femidom for anal sex is possible and a protective effect is likely. Instructions for use. So far, no studies are available that demonstrate the satety of using the Femidom for anal sex.

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