Trans Women and HIV: Social Psychological Perspectives (webinaire en anglais)

Dr Rusi Jaspal is a leading expert in the topic of social psychological aspects of trans women’s experiences of living with HIV in the UK.

Drawing on theories from social psychology, he provides a fine-grained analysis of the EXTRA Study – one of the first in-depth empirical studies of trans women’s experiences of living with HIV in the UK, examining issues of identity, threat and coping among trans women – a key population in the HIV epidemic – and presents a model for describing and predicting health outcomes in this population.

The webinar is aimed at professionals in the field of HIV/STI counselling and prevention as well as interested members of the public. Important: The webinar will be held in English without interpretation.

Mardi 24 janvier 2023

Dr Rusi Jaspal is the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research and Knowledge Exchange) and a Professor of Psychology at the University of Brighton in the United Kingdom. He is a Chartered Psychologist and Fellow of the British Psychological Society. Rusi Jaspal has published almost 200 books, articles and book chapters in the area of identity and psychological wellbeing, especially in minority groups. Much of his research has focused upon HIV prevention and the promotion of positive health outcomes in those living with HIV. He is committed to knowledge exchange with practitioners and policymakers. Rusi Jaspal’s recent books include Enhancing Sexual Health, Self-Identity and Wellbeing among Men Who Have Sex With Men: A Guide for Practitioners (Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2018), HIV in Gay Men: Clinical, Social and Psychological Aspects (Palgrave, 2020), and Trans Women and HIV: Social Psychological Perspectives (Palgrave, 2020).