Discrimination Reporting

The Swiss AIDS Federation functions as the federal reporting office for discrimination and infringements of privacy related to HIV and AIDS. It collates the cases that are reported to it, and forwards them twice a year to the Swiss Federal Commission for Sexual Health (FCSH).

If requested by the person concerned, the Swiss AIDS Federation can also intervene in cases of discrimination. We provide information on the legal situation and data protection regulations, and help those living with HIV to defend their rights.

Cases of Discrimination in Switzerland, 2019

A total of 105 cases of discrimination and data breaches were reported.

Discrimination mainly affected social insurance (25), private insurance (16) and healthcare (14). In addition, 24 breaches of data protection violations were recorded.

Discrimination is often rooted in irrational fears about HIV transmission, and prejudice against those living with HIV. Legal protection mechanisms in Switzerland are not sufficient to combat discrimination effectively. Following the example of EU Member States by enacting anti-discrimination legislation would help, but is still a long way away. This makes the information and awareness-raising campaigns of the Swiss AIDS Federation, our legal advice for those living with HIV, and our partnership with the Swiss Federal Commission for Sexual Health all the more important.