HIV test campaign 2019

With the HIV test campaign in autumn 2019, the Swiss Aids Federation wants to sensitise all men who have sex with men to possible HIV risks, promote the various protective measures and encourage them to take HIV tests. This is because the greatest HIV risk is associated with unprotected anal intercourse with a partner whose HIV status is unclear or unknown.

The campaign runs from the beginning of October to the end of November and has two objectives: to increase knowledge about HIV transmission and protection, and to carry out HIV tests in November for CHF 10 at selected test centers. To this end, the campaign and its services will be advertised in print media, in social media, with flyers and with posters. The campaign is aimed at all men who have sex with men. Transmen can also benefit from the campaign if they have sex with men.

Further information on the HIV test campaign 2019: (english only)