GET TESTED is a campaign by the Swiss AIDS Federation. It is aimed at people from within the migrant population in Switzerland.

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The aims of the GET TESTED campaign are, to:

  • Raise awareness within the target group and provide information about HIV and AIDS.
  • Encourage open discussions about HIV.
  • Share the benefits of knowing one's HIV status.
  • Explain how the risk of HIV transmission can be reduced.
  • Provide information about how HIV treatment works and its effectiveness.
  • Overcome prejudice and the fear of discrimination based on HIV status.

The campaign is aimed at people who were either born in a country with a high prevalence or who have spent most of their time in such a country. These regions essentially comprise the Caribbean, sub-Saharan Africa, Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe. The campaign also seeks to target asylum seekers and illegal immigrants.

Further information about GET TESTED: