Outside Switzerland/Travel

Some countries have travel restrictions for people with HIV. Find out about these restrictions before you travel and make sure you take enough medication with you. It is important for you to know what vaccinations you require and what health insurance you will have abroad.

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Travel restrictions

There are still some countries imposing restrictions on the entry or residence of people with HIV. This is why you should find out about existing restrictions before you travel, at www.hivtravel.org.


Make sure you take enough medication with you for the whole duration of your trip. If you are travelling to a different time zone, discuss the timing of your medication with your doctor so that you can make sure you always take your drugs at the right time.


Before you travel find out what vaccinations you require. You can get this information from your doctor.

Health insurance abroad

If you get ill while abroad, the (Swiss) compulsory health insurance will usually meet the treatment costs up to double the amount they would cost in your canton of residence. Find out whether it is worth taking out additional travel health insurance.

What pension payments will I receive if I move abroad permanently?

  • Disability pension from the Swiss Federal Disability Insurance scheme: Disability pensions are paid abroad. The quarter pension is only paid out to people who have emigrated to EU or EFTA countries, however.
  • Disability pension of the pension scheme: Where mandatory pension cover is concerned, the same rules apply to pension fund disability pensions as apply to disability pension from the state disability insurance scheme. The pension fund's own rules apply to pension claims under extra-mandatory schemes (voluntary top-up pensions).

If you have any further questions, please contact the Central Compensation Office, COO, DI Office for People Living Abroad, OAIE, Avenue Edmond-Vaucher 18, Case postale 3100, 1211 Geneva 2, Tel. +41 22 795 91 11; www.zas.admin.ch

Comprehensive information can be found in the "Auslandreisen" section of our legal guidebook (Rechtratgeber (PDF).