Protecting personal privacy is particularly important to people living with HIV. They still face discrimination in various areas of life, and therefore often prefer to disclose health-related information only when it is absolutely necessary.

Our leaflet on data protection and HIV ("Datenschutz und HIV", available in German, French or Italian) sets out the key legal points to remember in each area, such as at work, when dealing with the health professionals, and protecting your data where your family and friends are concerned. It concludes with showing you how to defend yourself against breaches of data protection. The leaflet shows you your rights, and how you can enforce them. If you have any questions or anything is unclear, the relevant experts will be happy to help. A list of advice centre addresses can be found at the back of the leaflet.

Our brochure on data protection and HIV ("Datenschutz und HIV") can be ordered or downloaded as a PDF from our shop. It is available in German, French and Italian.

Comprehensive information and model letters can be found in the "Confidentiality / Patient Rights" section of our legal guidebook (Rechtratgeber PDF in German or French).