Emergency financial assistance

The Solidarity Fund of the Swiss AIDS Federation provides quick and non-bureaucratic financial assistance for people living with HIV and AIDS who have got into financial difficulties.

Applications can be submitted by institutions involved in advising people living with HIV/Aids, such as regional AIDS centres or the social service department of a hospital.

How to go about applying for assistance:

  1. As the initial step, you should select a trustworthy advice centre and make contact with an adviser.
  2. The adviser will then complete the appropriate application form together with you and check the conditions or whether all possible means of state or private support have been exhausted. The adviser will go through your social and financial situation together with you and establish the emergency situation.
  3. The application for support in anonymised form will then be submitted to the Swiss AIDS Federation. The Swiss AIDS Federation can then process your application without knowing your name and prepare a decision.

If the Solidarity Fund grants you financial assistance, payment will be made to the advice centre which in turn will pass the support on to you. Your identity will be protected at all times throughout this procedure.