Sponsorship – sustainable support

By becoming a sponsor of the Swiss Aids Federation, you can provide particularly effective support for our work in relation to HIV/Aids, as well as the people affected by this condition and their families.

A sponsorship arrangement to donate CHF 100 or more per year creates an especially close bond between you and the Swiss Aids Federation; you’ll receive regular information on the subject of HIV/Aids, as well as sending out a particularly effective signal and providing our work with direct and sustainable support. Prevention activities, legal advice for the victims of discrimination and campaigns to raise awareness and provide information – none of these would be possible without your support, and they all bring us significantly closer to our grand objective of a Switzerland that is free of HIV/Aids.

As a sponsor of the Swiss Aids Federation, you’ll be kept informed about our work and we’ll send you:

  • Four editions of Swiss Aids News every year;
  • An annual report on our activities.

You too can become a sponsor – come on board.