PrEP for everybody?

15.15 – 16.45 Uhr

PrEP does not only protect against HIV but has also helped gay men to overcome the trauma HIV has left in the community for almost 40 years. In Switzerland, gay and bisexual men were the most affected group by the HIV epidemic, which is why PrEP has become very popular in this group. But what about other people who have sex? Is it worth taking a pill with potential side effects if I am not a gay man, and therefore not as much at risk for HIV? How do we recommend PrEP to groups that are still underrepresented in HIV risk prevention in Switzerland, such as female sex workers, people of color, sex tourists, or just straight people who enjoy having sex without a condom with multiple partners?

Talk by Will Nutland, followed by a panel discussion
Moderation: Benjamin Hampel

Will Nutland is the co-founder of PrEPster, a community based grass-roots project that educates and agitates for PrEP. PrEPster has been at the forefront of PrEP access in England and supports PrEP initiatives outside of the UK. In addition to being a health activist, Will is a researcher, plant-daddy and chocolate lover.

Andreas Lehner is Managing Director of Managing Director of Aids-Hilfe Schweiz

Cate Esson works at PROFA in canton Vaud as a medical doctor. Of Scottish origin, she works both at Checkpoint Lausanne, a community-based centre for MSM where PrEP has been available since 2016 as well as a sexual health centre in Renens open to everyone where PrEP has recently been added to the list of services.